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I Do (Woo Hoo!) Bright Pink Wedding Balloon Bouquet

  • I do, woo-hoo, indeed! It's time to celebrate the blushing bride-to-be with balloons. Great for bridal shower party decorations, this bouquet of balloons features diamond ring and heart shapes that perfectly coordinate. Whether you set this on the treat table or in the entryway to greet guests, these balloons add a pop of pink to your celebration in a chic and unique way!


    I Do (Woo Hoo!) Bright Pink Wedding Balloon Bouquet includes:

    • Foil I Do (Woo Hoo!) Diamond Ring Balloon, 27"
    • 2 Foil Printed Balloons, 18" each
    • 2 Foil Heart Pink Balloons, 18" each
    • Balloon Water Weights


    Our balloon price include helium gas inflation and attach with ribbon.

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