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Helium Tank Rental (Small)

  • Helium Tank (Small) contains helium gas that enough to inflate an average of 35 - 40pcs of 12" latex balloons. Nozzle inflator will be provided together with tank rental.


    • Rental Fee: $65
    • Rental Period: 3 Days (Include weekends).
    • Refundable Deposit: $100 per tank.
    • Tank Size: Approx. 70cm tall 
    • Tank Weight: Approx. 5 kgs.


    All helium tank rentals are only available for options of:

    • Self Collection & Return: No charge applies.
    • Delivery & Return: $35.00

    Please note that Rental of helium tank and deposit are not counted towards total purchase over $150 for free delivery service.


    *12" latex balloon float time is approximately 6-8 hours after inflation. To keep helium balloons last throughout your event, please do not inflate them too early before your event. Please plan your balloon inflation timing according to your event timing. 


    Terms & conditions:

    • Tank Lost / Damaged: $100 per tank.
    • Nozzle Lost / Damaged: $60 per nozzle.
    • Tank extension charge: $10 per day.

    Upon returning, we will check the condition of tank and nozzle. Tank deposit will be refunded within 2 working days after tank returned, provided both tank and nozzle are returned in good working condition without damage or lost.


    Tank extension charge applies if tank is not returned on the third day and will be deducted from tank deposit. Please inform our staff in advance if you need to extend the tank rental.


    Please send in your order in advance and allow 2 to 3 working days for us to process and prepare your helium tank rental order.

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